A range of different high quality reflectors. It has the sturdy build quality that you would expect from a 'Plug and Grow' product and will hold the 125w, 200w and 250w CFLs horizontally without any 'drooping'. Every reflector comes prewired and is ready to use. Fixing points for the reflector are also on the top, simply fold them up and attach your Easy Roll hangers.

Single CFL Reflector

Single CFL Reflector

Specially designed to cope with the extra weight of CFL lamps. Available with UK or Euro plugs.

Size: 50 x 45 x 15 cm

Single CFL Reflector

Hammered Reflector for CFL and HPS lamps

This reflector has the hammered finish and comes fitted with an IEC connector for connection to a ballast. The reflector spine is reinforced which makes it suitable for use with CFL lamps, with this in mind a plug to IEC converter lead is also included.

Size: 50 x 40 x 15 cm

Twin Lamp Reflector

Two Lamp Reflector + fan

Specially designed to cope with the extra weight of CFL lamps, and incorporating a small switchable fan to extract unwanted heat. For an easy installation and mounting lugs are located on the back.

Size: 100 x 50 x 20 cm

Adjust a Wing medium

Adjust A Wing avenger medium

A very popular adjustable reflector for HPS lamps. The P & G Adjustawing comes with a light spreader and lamp holder. For a better delivery the reflector comes unassembled.

Size: 55 x 71-62 x 17 cm

Parabolic reflektor

Parabolic reflector
high gloss / mirrored

This is a large umbrella shaped reflector which is 107cm in diameter and vertical lamp fitting with vented top plates to disperse builded heat. It comes in a flatpack ready for self assembly. Supplied with a 4 metre mains cord.

Size: 107 x 37 cm

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